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    Dyslexia, a Disability or a Superpower?

    Dyslexia is a learning difference. While children with dyslexia have weakness, as we all do, they also have amazing strengths. Children with dyslexia can learn to read but require a structured, systematic, explicit, and intensive approach to being taught to read. Doors are unlocked when they are given the opportunity to learn to read in the way their brain requires it. Actually, all students learn to read through this structured literacy approach. Perhaps, this should be the go to? 

    Given the structure of the dyslexic brain, it requires being taught in this specific way and also is set up to have amazing strengths. When we focus on these strengths, it can help a child with dyslexia learn, build self-esteem and enable us to encourage their journey down this strength-based path. 

    What are some common dyslexia strengths?

    More to come on these dyslexic strengths, such as: 

    Outside-the-box thinkers

    Great story-tellers


    Big-picture thinkers

    Intuitive and Empathic

    Pattern Finders

    Three-Dimensional Thinkers

    For more information from the International Dyslexia Association on structured literacy and dyslexia and the brain, check out these resources: 

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