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    Do you accept insurance?

    Yes, we accept most major insurance plans. Please see our payments page for a list of specific insurance plans we are in network with. Typically insurance plans will pay for a portion of your visit and you will be responsible for any remaining co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible amounts. Prior to your first appointment, we will obtain your insurance benefits and estimate any out of pocket costs you may have. Our office files primary and secondary insurance claims as a courtesy. Please call your insurance company for your benefits as well.

    What is individual therapy for children? Are parents allowed to come to the appointments also?

    The involvement of a child’s family is critical to the success of individual therapy. While the majority of the therapy session may be the therapist and child working together on treatment goals without the parent, a portion of the session typically encourages and may even require parental involvement.

    How do I know when our family needs help?

    This is a difficult question to answer and can be different for every family. However, if your child is having symptoms or behavior that are interfering with their school performance, their safety, or the functioning of your family, it may be time to seek help. At your intake appointment, you and your therapist will decide if the problems you are experiencing will benefit from professional intervention. If you are an adult and your symptoms are interfering with your ability to parent, manage your relationships or your job, then an initial appointment with one of our therapists can help you decide if you would like to seek further services.

    What can I expect at my first appointment?

    At your first appointment, you will meet with your therapist and spend some time getting to know each other and understanding the nature of the issue that you are wanting to resolve. The purpose of this initial appointment is generally to determine if our services are appropriate for you and/or to develop a tentative treatment plan.

    Does your practice see adults or only children and families?

    We provide services to children, adults and families. We offer therapy, assessment, and groups.

    Do you provide any group therapies?

    Yes, we provide group therapies in our practice. Please see our services page for a full description of the groups we provide.

    Can I get services if I don’t have insurance?

    Of course! We understand that an individual may not have insurance or may choose not to use their insurance benefits for services. We accept most major credit cards, personal checks and cash as a form of payment. Payment is due at the time service is rendered.

    What kind of services does your practice provide?

    We provide individual, group, and family counseling. We have providers that see children, adults and families. We also provide psychological assessment services.

    What is a parenting group?

    We offer weekly parenting groups that focus on a variety of topics. The purpose of these groups is to provide practical parenting help for difficult or challenging behaviors.

    Can your practice prescribe medication?

    No, our practice does not prescribe medication. Prescribing services are provided by psychiatrists or primary care physicians. Our practice is comprised of psychologists and professional counselors. We can offer a referral for these services or consultation with your prescribing provider, if requested.

    Do I need a referral to obtain an appointment with your practice?

    No. Frequently, your primary care physician will provide a referral to our practice but you may call and make an appointment on your own without a referral, if you desire.