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    Group Therapy

    Families Forward offers different groups depending on the current needs of our clients. Examples of groups available at Families Forward are listed below. Please call our office or email [email protected] to get more information about the groups that are currently running.

    · Dyslexia Superstar Strengths … and coping through the tough stuff. 

    Dr. Delancy offers a group for children and adolescents diagnosed with Dyslexia. This group focuses on Dyslexic Strengths and ways to cope through and utilize accommodations for areas that are more difficult given this learning difference. She seeks to identify successful adults with Dyslexia and ask them to share their experience with the group. The group also offers a parent support component to help navigate this journey with your child.

    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills Training Group for Adolescents

    DBT skills have shown to help adolescents with problems, such as emotional dysregulation and depression, as well as self-harm, promiscuity, and suicidality. Teens between the ages of 12 and 18 benefit from learning skills that are key to a balanced, healthy life. Implementing these skills, group members master paying purposeful attention to their environment as well as their emotions and feelings; coping with distress; regulating intense emotions; maintaining healthy relationships; and cognitive flexibility. Moreover, our group gets parents involved in the learning process. Parents receive learning materials and face-to-face parent sessions, so they can help support and facilitate their children’s progress. We also provide parent coaching to help parents implement the new skills at home and bring about a positive behavioral change.

    • Coping with Sexual Trauma for Adolescents

    This group is designed for teens or children who have experienced sexual assault. This group is not intended to take the place of individual therapy and individual trauma experiences are not processed in group. The focus of the group is validation, support, and education. We feel strongly that the group experience is an important part of healing in addition to individual therapy sessions. The group follows an evidence based trauma focused format and runs 10-12 weeks depending on the needs of the group.

    • Managing Anxiety

    Our anxiety group focuses on using cognitive behavioral strategies to reduce anxiety for children and adolescents (the groups will be separated by age). Anxiety is one of the most common and the most treatable disorders in childhood. Our clinicians are highly trained to offer evidence-based treatment and teach children/adolescents to use relaxation strategies and cognitive strategies to decrease overall anxiety. We offer a complete approach to treating anxiety, including offering parent strategies to help parents feel better equipped to help their child decrease anxiety in the long-term.

    • Mindfulness Group for Children

    Children between the ages of 5 and 9 work on increasing their mindfulness skills, which include the ability to purposefully focus attention on their environment as well their thoughts, sensations, and feelings; regulate their emotions; and control their behavior. Mindfulness has been shown effective for children who have difficulty with hyperactivity and disruptive behaviors, distractibility and impulsivity, as well as anxiety and mood regulation issues. Our group incorporates interactive activities, breathing exercises, and yoga to keep children motivated and engaged. In addition, we provide parents easy to use materials to track their child’s progress and facilitate home practice.

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